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0.1 Torr 100º Celsius heated capacitance diaphragm vacuum gauge female 1/8" VCR

Article Number: 3CD1-35E-23
Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks

Availability: In stock

€ 2,253.00
€ 2,253.00
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Additional Info

Additional Info

Article Number 3CD1-35E-23
Weight 0.8 kg
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Manufacturer Chell Instruments
Delivery Time 3-4 weeks
Flange 1/8" VCR
Style VCR
Operating 100º Celsius
Pressure range 0,1 to 0,00001 Torr
Packaging 1 piece

Datasheet Cap. Diaphragm Gauge Heated Cap. Diaphragm Gauge Heated