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EU-Style Solvent Purification System

EU-Style Solvent Purification System
Meets Requirements Established by the European Standard EN14470-1 for Fire Safety Storage Cabinets

The European Design Pure Solv-EN is our innovation in the design, manufacture and distribution of safe and reliable systems for solvent storage, purification and processing. The PureSolv-EN system is a fire safety cabinet that meets EN14470-1 performance requirements for the storage of flammable liquids in laboratories. EN14470-1 performance standards establish three primary safety requirements, while still maintaining all of the benefits customers expect from the Pure Solv-MD design, they are:

1. Minimization of the risk of fire from stored flammable materials
2. Protection of the flammable materials in the event of fire
3. Minimization of emitted vapors to the outside environment and retention of any leaks inside the cabinet.